PEI People

PEI has a small Board of Directors that oversees programs and budgets in an efficient manner. PEI contracts with employees or specialized service providers to carry out its projects. Current board members are:

Dick Nelson

Dick has a broad background as an engineer and policy maker. He was educated at MIT and spent many years working on nuclear engineering projects for Battelle Northwest. He served in the Washington State Legislature as Chair of the Energy & Utilities Committee. His focus on energy efficiency, waste reduction/recycling, and efficient use of resources in all areas earned him a well-deserved reputation as a caring, concerned, and informed environmentalist.

Steve Ruden

Steve is trained as a biologist and has extensive background in water quality analysis and community development. Steve has worked in the international arena on citizen water quality monitoring, and brings this expertise to PEI. Steve continues to work directly with schools and community groups to help students and other citizens understand water quality monitoring.

Denny Fleenor

Denny is a media person with an extensive background in both radio and print media relations. Denny understands how to explain a complicated subject to a broad cross-section of the public. He works with the Washington State University's Extension Service on recycling, energy efficiency, composting and other environmental issues of community concern.

Ted Hunter

Ted is the President and one of the founders of PEI. Ted's long-standing commitment to environmental restoration began on the trails of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains where he's spent many days climbing, hiking and skiing. He is an "Oregon Conservationist" of the likes of former governor Tom McCall, who recognized that environmental protection makes economic sense. Ted's work on environmental policy is directed to demonstrating the economic benefits of sensible environmental protection and restoration. Ted is trained as a lawyer and has an active dispute resolution practice in Seattle.